Praise for Shattered Illusions

"In Shattered Illusions, Leigh Hershkovich weaves a tale of suspence, set in a sordid Southern town with more skeletons in its closet than a Holloween costume store, and told by characters with secrets they'd rather keep to themselves. The accent is on gut-wrenching emotions as, one by one, the suspects in a murder reveal their pasts, providing pieces to a jigsaw puzzle of a mystery that don't quite fit until you have them all. A tense psychological thriller that will get inside your head and keep you guessing until you turn the final page!"

- Spencer Dane, author of award-winning Blue Diamonds and Red Emeralds

"Leigh Hershkovich's Shattered Illusions gathers together two men and two women to Rolland, Louisiana, where they witness the killing of a local coffee shop owner. Though all four witnesses have lived vastly different lives, the memories and feelings they express resonate with those that have led many people to the same conclusion that many have come to in the past- All is suffering. However, as many people have found (including the novel's witnesses), we are often only able to begin to come to peace with our pasts by being exposed to the pain, suffering and shattered dreams of others. Get comfortable before you start to read this novel. You won't want to put it down!"
-D.J. Lachance, author of Pray For Me At Your Own Risk.
"...Hershkovich stirs into a pot of human frailty, a pinch of guilt, a cup of life-philosophy, a careful measurement of religious and cultural belief, with a little Ying, a little Yang and pours out a literary noir that satisfies the reader's taste buds for mystery."

-Chris Flynn, poetry published in Luna Negra Literary Journal

"Four strangers brought together by accident in the small town of Rolland, Louisiana are the witnesses to the bizarre murder of coffee shop owner Sam Knightley. Stories of the several characters with their variety of backgrounds are interwoven into an intense collage of images of places and events, real and imagined. Hershkovich combines deftly drawn portraits, thoughtful dialog, and fast-paced action to make this debut performance a compelling read. The first-person narratives fill in the backstories with family conflicts, personal triumphs and failures. Sensual and cinematic, the succession of scenes creates a kaleidoscope effect as reality and perception vie for the reader's attention and sense of equilibrium. The characters are admittedly misfits with overblown guilt and a need to grab the center of attention through dramatization and victimization. An unorthodox (genre-defying) finale leaves the reader with unanswered questions and the hope for a sequel to this psychological mystery."

-Pamela Lynn Palmer, author of Horse of the Dawn

"In her debut novel Shattered Illusions, mystery author Leigh Hershkovich transports us to an authentic, believable world in the South, complete with a diverse line of of compelling characters. True to noir tradition, they are doomed from the start. Hershkovich's subtle and clever style communicates the central conflict of the novel: until the ghosts of the past are silences, the demonds in the present cannot be defeated. Leigh Hershkovich is a writer to watch!'

-Clair Applewhite, author of The Wrong Side of Memphis